Leading the Day One Experience in School

As a school Principal, I remember feeling like the night before Day One was not dissimilar to New Year’s Eve. I would always be filled with resolutions about how I was going to make the first day, first week, and first month special for our learners–our students, teachers, and parents. Two weeks prior to school

Are You Committed To Feedback?

In 1994, Proctor and Gamble approached Continuum, a design consulting firm, in search of a new cleaning product.  Together, they felt that the method of filling up a bucket with soap and water, soaking, squeezing, and mopping floors could be improved.  Continuum took an approach to this problem that was beautiful in it’s simplicity:  they

Cracking The C.O.D.E of Teacher Learning

Professional Learning Communities.Response To Intervention.Instructional Rounds.Flipped Learning.BYOD.PBIS.PBL.AFL.1:1. Sigh.  Have you ever taken five minutes to jot down the initiatives that you have going in your school or district?  Or the ones that you have had going at some point in the past?  Or even those programs that, if you squinted, you might still see remnants

Human-Centered Leadership

Imagine you have just moved into a new area, and on that first night in town, you and your wife and children are hungry for a meal. What better way to get acquainted with the new neighbourhood than to take the family for a bite and a walk around?  You pop open your laptop and

Human-Centered School Improvement Plans

Six years ago, I wrote my fifth blog post ever:  it was called “School Improvement Plans Suck! (And why they don’t have to).  And while I look back and shake my head at the lack of subtlety in title that I chose, upon reflection I realize that I was expressing my own frustration with the

Failure: Can You Pivot?

Last Spring, I was presenting at a breakout session at the Canadian Association of Principals Conference at Whistler.  One of the things that I try to do with my presentations is to make them as interactive as possible, regardless of the size of the group.  Whether it is through co-creating a ‘getting to know each

I Want A Doctor To Use Google

This past week, I was fortunate enough to be in Vancouver to attend FISA 2016, the education conference for independent schools across British Columbia.  Although my work is in the public system, I was keenly interested to learn from a number of the speakers in the lineup, including Daniel Pink, Yong Zhao, and Dr. Charles