What is Authentic Parent Involvement?

Last evening, I was pleased to host more than 400 parents and students to our Welcome Night for our incoming Grade 7s.  It is one of my favorite nights of the year.  And while I do spend some time giving information about our school and the opportunities that are available, information dissemination is one of

When the Rubber Hits the Road

Several months ago, I had reached a saturation point with posts, articles and tweets that were centered around ‘what we need to do’.  We need to create lifelong learners.  We need to make school more meaningful.  We need to change, well, basically everything.  An excerpt from that post: “On a daily basis, I read countless

I Want To Go Back to Kindergarten

A couple of weeks ago, the administrators from our school district had a Professional Development session.  We were assigned to groups of 5 or 6 seated at circular tables.  We had wi-fi access for our tech devices (which ranged from people who had basic cell phones and notebooks to others who had smartphones, tablets and

Using Your Computer for a Football

It is stating the obvious when we say that technology has changed the way that we do business in our schools today.  The amount of information that is available, the speed at which we can access content, the types of collaboration and connectivity that we can have with others, and the type of data that

Go Ahead and Cheat

Do you remember when you were a student in high school, and your teacher said to the class something like this? “For our upcoming midterm, you can use a cheat sheet.” I remember my heart rate would go up.  My mind would race.  I would begin scheming about how I would really make the teacher

WE – A most powerful word

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting with our Social Justice 11/12 class.  Social Justice is a new course to our school, and it has become tremendously popular in a relatively short period of time.  Within this class, metacognition is at the forefront: the goal is to have students examine local and global issues, and

We Can’t Afford 1:1

1:1 technology in classrooms is a much talked about topic in our Personal Learning Network.  In various schools and districts both large and small, students and teachers have their own iPads, laptops, or Smartphones, depending on the technological bent of that particular jurisdiction.  I have read numerous blog posts and articles showcasing the successes and