Do You Do LCD? (Learner-Centered Design)

Think about the last time you did some unit planning.  What was that experience like?  If it was anything like mine, it was often on a Sunday afternoon in front of a television, with a computer on my lap, a textbook on the coffee table, after a weekend of swimming lessons for the kids, yard

You Have No Grit

No grit? Ouch. That hurts, doesn’t it? Maybe the person who said that to you tries to couch it a bit, and says, something like “Well, maybe not you, but educators…they have no grit.  And they certainly have no sense of reality.”  Ouch again. You are an educator, and you feel like you have grit,

Do You Give ‘Brain Candy’?

Opportunities for brain candy Being an educator is an exciting and fulfilling profession:  each day brings different challenges as well as opportunities to make a significant difference in the lives of learners.  But like any profession, there seems to be a nearly endless amount of minutia that is part of what we do each day.

Get Hungry For Feedback

Today was the first day of school for students and teachers across British Columbia, and no matter if it is your ‘first’ first day of school as a student, parent or educator or your twentieth, it is always exciting an exciting day.  The halls are noisy as students who haven’t seen each other for 8

Getting Started With Frugal Innovation

When I first created my blog page, I included the header message:“It’s education.  There is no more money.  There is no more time: there are only 24 hours in the day.  It’s also the greatest job in the world, so let’s get on with it.”.After five years of blogging and reflection, I believe in this

Making Marking Meaningful

I haven’t been a classroom teacher for a number of years, but there is one thing that is burned into my memory from my years of teaching Biology and Science–I hated marking.  I remember late nights in my living room with mounds of paper on one side of me and cups of coffee and red markers