The Age of the Shiny Object

“What would a school that was totally focused on student and teacher learning look like?” I believe that this is a question that, as educators, we are often quick to answer.   We might talk about how the building might look, how the classrooms would be organized, the classes that would be offered, the resources

Faculty Meetings – Learning By Doing

Several weeks ago, a team of Sa-Hali teachers and myself went to San Diego to visit High Tech High.  A few weeks prior to the trip, we received a series of Next Level of Work plans from our Instructional Rounds observers in February that indicated that we needed to design and implement tasks that required

Instructional Rounds — What are they?

*Note – this is not the standard ‘1000 words or less’ blog post–Rounds are much too difficult to describe in 1000 words 🙂 Last week, our school hosted 24 teachers, administrators, and district staff to do Instructional Rounds at our school.  Over the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to have be trained

“Don’t Worry, Be Crappy”

I have never blogged ‘real-time’, in the ‘between slots’ while facilitating a professional development session – a new challenge, so here goes! Toady, we had our December Professional Development Day.  The day was co-created and tuned by our PD committee, and was a continuation of our thread of Attributes of a Sa-Hali Graduate.  Now that

Advantages, or Opportunities Lost?

The number of students taking online courses in British Columbia is growing.  And while this growth has slowed slightly in the last couple of years, the impact of the rapid increase from 30000 to nearly 80000 unique students taking one or more courses since 2008 in BC distance education facilities is something that I have